Press Release: Vocal for local pledge

Posted on April 18, 2021 by Admin

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed in his speech about the importance of local manufacturing and supply chains amid the COVID-19 crisis. Coining slogan “Vocal for Local”, he spoke about that it is the need of the hour for the nation to come together to encourage local businesses and products.

He addressed about the importance of using products that are made in India and he asserted that the country have to boost its economy that can transform local businesses. He embarked about the khadi and village industries that have successfully transitioned from local to global and these can be case studies for all local industries and enterprises.

In times such as this the best way is being completely self-reliant and calling for a new form of globalization. It is important to step up and do everything we can to help revive the Indian economy and work towards managing our businesses with the tools to tide through such circumstances.


Helping reviving the Indian economy, we can help to create more jobs, transform business processes and strengthen efficiency. Multiple insecurities were show by the countries when the pandemic began and hence fears of profit driven businesses multiplied with manifold overnight.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and businesses to rethink about their operational strategies and due to this reason businesses are using this opportunity to boost production and exports. 

The positive vibes for Vocal for Local can be seen during the Diwali festive season when the country appreciated and purchased local products like diya used in Diwali instead of Chinese products. This proved that the support of such large number of people in favour towards Vocal for Local slogan during this festival season showed that this initiative will strengthen the local market and economy of the country.