TRIDHA Scholars Group: India’s Worldwide Conference, Conventions and Event Organizer

TRIDHA Scholars, the Event organizer company manages the world class conferences, Events, Seminars, conventions and small gathering for knowledge sharing and networking. We have a team of professionals who had experience and skills to manage the events for multinational or international corporative world to small organization. We offer the best management services in all over globe and organizers are well versed in different event with a quick and painless process. We are strategically positioned to provide our clients with service on the ground, regardless of geographical location and manage the medical, academic, and scientific conferences all over the world.

TRIDHA Scholars has scheduled its 2019 and 2020 international and scientific conferences, meetings, events, workshops and symposiums in america, europe, asia pacific and middle east. it has conferences in medical, pharma, business & management, agri, food & aqua, genetics, molecular biology, chemical engineering, health care, neuroscience, chemistry, immunology, nursing, clinical, massmedia, physics, environmental, materials science, veterinary, eee and microbiology.

Sponsorship & Exhibits

Your relationship with your sponsors and exhibitors are important. By offering unique opportunities to showcase logos and brand messages, we make sure that your sponsors gain the recognition they deserve and in turn, ensure that your conference will see the full benefits of their contributions.

  • Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales
  • Prospect and Market Research
  • Exhibit and Supplier Management
  • Design and Development of Exhibit Floor Plans
  • Venue and Site Selection


Financial management is a key component of any tradeshow’s success. We will work with you to ensure that your tradeshow reigns success, while remaining on budget. This includes budget and invoice management and preparation of audit ready books.

Event Planners Fee Structure: We have five ways to structure our event fee and quote our fees to our clients and Such factors may include the type of events you are planning, operating expenses, and overhead costs. 

  • Flat project fee
  • Percentage of expenses
  • Hourly rate
  • Percentage of expenses plus hourly rate
  • Commissionable rates

Your Goals are Our Goals

When our team got together to share why we do what we do, the resounding feedback was that we love working with clients who make a true difference and do their part to change the world - be it to work on a cure for cancer or conquer the frontiers of space. We are inspired by the work of our clients every day and this is why we made it our mission to do our part in helping you achieve the goals you set out.

Our relationship begins by determining your goals

These goals expand beyond financial or attendance goals and incorporate the vision of the association or the congress. Our passion is in developing a strategic plan that ensures everyone is focused on achieving what will truly make a difference.

Upcoming Events

  • Awarness Program on Climate Action in Food Systems, Canada: March 2020
  • International Conference on Women Health, USA: June, 2020

Past Events/Seminars

Awareness Programme on Breast Cancer
Theme: Mindset decides whether "You are victim or a survivor of Cancer"

Venue: Kannauj, India

Date: June 28, 2019

Event Images: