Journal of Heart

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Volume 4, Issue 1

Case Series | Open Access | Pages: 01-24

Yassers Stressor Test and Triphasic Yassers Stressor Syndrome - A New Cardiovascular Discoveries and Psychogenic Stress Test with Possible Coronary Artery Spasm

Yasser Mohammed Hassanain Elsayed

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Volume 3, Issue 1

Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 19-32

Computational Modeling of Performance Analysis of Axial Flow Blood pumps: Newtonian vs. Non-Newtonian Blood Flow Behavior


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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 14-18

Safety of Transulnar Approach in Patients Undergoing Diagnostic Coronary Angiography

Junaid Zaffar, Usman Mahmood Butt, Rao Shahzad Abdul Tawab Khan, Muhammad Zarrar Arif Butt, Muhammad Khaleel Iqbal,  and Mamoon Akbar Qureshi

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