Journal of Clinical Cases & Reports (ISSN: 2582-0435)

Volume 5, Issue 3

Letter to Editor | Open Access | Pages: 130-131

Omicron: An Unpredictable New Viral Agent

Stefan Bittmann, Elisabeth Luchter, Lara Bittmann and Gloria Villalon

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Clinical Review | Open Access | Pages: 123-129

Perceived Wellness While Returning to Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Literature Review and Need for Research

Molly Covington

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Clinical Research | Open Access | Pages: 115-122

Behavior of Pregnancy in Adolescence, Mantilla Health Area, 2019-2020

Adriel Martinez Rodriguez, Ada de las Nieves Rodriguez Reyes, Elisa Maria Puentes Rizo, Pedro Rolando Lopez Rodriguez and Aile Cruz Arias

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 110-114

Diverticular Disease of the Small Intestine: A Case Report

Ilo Anthony Chukwudi, Chukwubuike Kevin Emeka, Ilo Adaobi Chikasi and Ubboe Kenneth Mmaduabuchi

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Review Article | Open Access | Pages: 95-109

Effect of Anemia on Birth Weight among Pregnant Women Attending Anc Clinic at Public Hospitals of Sidama Region, Ethiopia, 2022. A Prospective Cohort Study Protocol

Kaleab Tesfaye Tegegne, Abiyu Ayalew Assefa, Andualem Zenebe, Wosenyeleh Semeon Bagajjo, Musie Rike, Alelign Tadele Abebe and Sintayehu Assefa

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Letter to Editor | Open Access | Pages: 93-94

Hunter Disease in Children (MPS II): New Aspects and Treatment Options

Stefan Bittmann, Elisabeth Luchter, Anne Weissenstein, Gloria Villalon and Elena Moschüring-Alieva

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