Journal of Clinical Cases & Reports (ISSN: 2582-0435)

Special Issue: Clinical Trials and Health Care Research

Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 77-82

Delayed Presentation of Hematomyelia as Spastic Quadriparesis: A Rare Presentation in Known Case of Haemophilia

Siddharth Chand, Raghu RV, Naresh Kumar, Mradul Kumar Daga, Govind Mawari, J Aarthi and Sachin Gautam

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 73-76

Spontaneous Common Bile Duct Perforation- A Rare Cause of Biliary Peritonitis in a Patient of Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis

Nandakumar BM, Vivek Rajdev, Rakesh Gupta, Pankaj Chandel and Jagdish Gupta

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Case Series | Open Access | Pages: 63-72

Retrospective Study of Three Cases of Congenital Leukemia with Clinical Presentations and Particular Cytogenetic Abnormality

Ruqing Yang, Changwei Chi, Jie Chen, Zhu Lv, Jvxiang Wang, He Huang, Wenjian Guo, Xiaohai Zhou, Lihua Liu and Qian Li

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 58-62

Analysis Of D-Chiro Inositol in Lowering Androgen Levels in PCOS Patients

Anza Ashraf, Muhammad Bilal Kundi, Syed Usama Arif, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Ilyas and Hafsa Rehan

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 53-57

Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA) following Influenza Vaccination

Jozélio Freire de Carvalho

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Clinical Research | Open Access | Pages: 46-52

A Study of Antimicrobial Activities of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extract of Bee Pollen against Escherichia Coli, Shigella Boydii, Staphylococcus Aureus and Bacillus Subtilis

Kasim Roba and Zufan Bedewi

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