Journal of Clinical Cases & Reports (ISSN: 2582-0435)

Special Issue: Reporting Advance Clinical Cases & Report

Clinical Review | Open Access | Pages: 25-36

Level of Comprehensive Knowledge about HIV and Socio Demographic Factors Associated with it among Male and Female Age 15-49 Years in Ethiopia

Eleni Tesfaye Tegegne, Mekibib Kassa Tessema, Kaleab Tesfaye Tegegne and Abiyu Ayalew Assefa

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 21-24

Spinal Tuberculosis Presenting as Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura - A Case Report

Yogesh Kumar Balasubramanian, Ajay Kumar Shetty Papanna and Vidyadhara Srinivasa

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 17-20

COVID-19 Related Cheilitis Treated with Clobetasol Ointment: Two Case Reports

Georg Authried and Mathias Tiedemann Svendsen

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Clinical Research | Open Access | Pages: 07-14

Measuring Service Quality for Medical Examination at a National Public Hospital in Vietnam by Tools of the Victorian Patient Satisfaction Monitor

Si Chu Dung, Minh Thi Tran and Tan Sin Khong

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 04-06

Voluminous Abdominopelvic Cystic Mass in an Adolescent Girl: Rare Presentation of Imperforate Hymen

Tushar Sabharwal, Anupama Tandon, Shuchi Bhatt and Kanika Gupta

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 01-03

Seizures in a Patient with Disseminated Histoplasmosis

Meheroz H Rabadi

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