Journal of Clinical Cases & Reports (ISSN: 2582-0435)

Special Issue: Current Trends in Clinical & Medical Research

Clinical Review | Open Access | Pages: 25-38

Comparing the Effectiveness of Grandparent Model and Care Group Model in Behavior Change of Male towards Participation in Antenatal Care at T/A Kunthembwe, Blantyre a Cohort Study

Patricia Singini

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Opinion | Open Access | Pages: 22-24

Facing Corona Virus with the Body’s Own Resources

Giuseppe Piola

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 17-21

Torsion of Huge Benign Ovarian Mass: A Case Report

Onyekpa IJ, Okafor II, Odugu BU and Ugwu IA

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 13-16

Folic Acid Supplementation in the Prevention of Neural Tube Defects: A Case Report of Anencephaly

Obi CK, Okafor II and Onyekpa IJ

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Clinical Research | Open Access | Pages: 04-12

Rhythm Characteristics of Types of Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia Attack in Young and Elderly Patients undergoing Cardiac Electrophysiology

Si Dung Chu, Song Giang Tran, Minh Thi Tran and Khanh Quoc Pham

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Editorial | Open Access | Pages: 01-03

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: A Relevant Public Health Concern

Latiena Williams

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