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Special Issue: Clinical Investigation on COVID-19 Outbreak

Opinion | Open Access | Pages: 01-04

The Covid Crisis - A Turning Point in History - It has to be!

Andrew Hague

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Review Article | Open Access | Pages: 05-08

Role of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine in the Treatment of COVID-19

Nisreen H Meiqal, Salah M Bensaber, Mousa I Jaeda, Anton Hermann and Abdul M Gbaj

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Review Article | Open Access | Pages: 09-27

Recent Advances in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review on Diagnosis, Treatment, Phenotype Analysis and Epidemiology of Major Countries

Shreya Jagtap, Sagar Trivedi, Kamlesh Wadher, Milind Umekar

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Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 28-38

Pre-Analaytical Factors Influencing IL 6 Levels in COVID Positive Patients

Srivatsan R, Marquess Raj, Srivatsva P, Giri Babu N and Ramesh PG

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Volume 5, Issue 1

Clinical Research | Open Access | Pages: 01-06

Clinical and Radiological Investigation of Silicone Breast Implants (Breast Implants)

Rawnak ALmidani, Khalid Khattab Dalia ALmuhimd, Malak Obaid, and Manal ALmahmoud

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Volume 4, Issue 2

Opinion | Open Access | Pages: 49-50

The Theory of VI Ermoshkin Points to the Mechanism of Atherosclerosis in Humans

Ermoshkin Vladimir Ivanovich

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Mini Review | Open Access | Pages: 44-48

Migraine - to be or not to be - that is the Headache!

Roy G Beran

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