International Journal of Cancer Medicine

Special Issue: Cancer Research & Technologies

Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 100-106

Association Between Late-Stage Schistosoma Infection and Colorectal Cancer: A Colorectal Cancer Screening among Elderly People in the Qingpu District of Shanghai Municipal

Xi Yu, Sen Wang, Li Guifu, Xu Ruifang, Kun Xue and Ji Zhu

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 95-99

An Uncommon Presentation of Obstructive Colonic Cancer: An Extensive Ischemic Colitis

Pattharasai Kachornvitaya and Wasu Sapsupan

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Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 84-94

Gastrointestinal Cancers: Racial and Ethnicity Differences

Maharaj Singh, Santhi Konduri, Samit Datta, Wesley Papenfuss, Geoffrey Bellini, Aaron Chevinsky and James Weese

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 60-68

Genetic Heterogeneity of MTHFR C677T Gene Polymorphism Increase “Risk Factor” Using Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in Acute Lymphoblastic Anemia - A Rare Case Report

Ajit Kumar Saxena

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Review Article | Open Access | Pages: 53-59

Pancreatic Cancer Are Resections Justified?

Birgir Gudjonsson

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