International Journal of Cancer Medicine

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Special Issue: Targeted Immunotherapy and Carcinoma Treatment

Clinical Research | Open Access | Pages: 30-48

Regenerating Family Member 4 Expression was a Potential Marker for Carcinogenesis, Aggressiveness and Prognosis of Gastric Cancer

Cong-yu Zhang, Li Zhang, Hong-zhi Sun, Min-wen Ha, Zheng-guo Cui and Hua-chuan Zheng

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Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 49-64

Complement Components C3 and C7 as Potential Therapeutic and Prognostic Targets for Adrenocortical Carcinoma

Yongli Situ, Xiaoli Jiang, Ziqing Huang, Juying Zhang, Lingling Lu, Quanyan Liang, Li Deng, Qinying Xu and Zheng Shao

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Review Article | Open Access | Pages: 65-80

Targeted and Immunotherapeutic Approaches in Breast Cancers

Rasit Dinc

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Volume 6, Issue 3

Short Communication | Open Access | Pages: 176-185

Cancer Patients Admitted to the Emergency Department

Valéry Refeno, Rova Malala Fandresena Randrianarisoa, Hery Randrianirina, Ernestine Faly, Giannie Rasamimanana, Andriambelo Tovohery Rajaonera and Florine Rafaramino

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Clinical Research | Open Access | Pages: 167-175

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Experience: A Retrospective Analysis from Largest Center of India’s Largest State

Sandeep kumar Jasuja, Mukesh Kumar, Aditi Mittal, Krutika Goyal, Sajna Choudhary, Ashish Dayma, Linu Hooda and Jaiprakash Yadav

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Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 157-166

Prognostic Value of Cut-off of Lymph Nodes Number and Ratio in Operated Early-Stage Lung Cancer

Luca Frasca, Valentina Marziali, Filippo Longo, Giovanni Tacchi, Marrelli Martina and Pierfilippo Crucitti

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Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 142-148

Secondary Malignancies after among Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Jacqueline Nieto Maria, Sheila Firoozan, Sunita Patruni and Muhammed Wasif Saif

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Case Report | Open Access | Pages: 134-141

A Case Report of Placental Chorioangioma with Adverse Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes

Kawsar Diab, Ghinwa Shehab, Jihad Al Hasan, Hassan Ajami, Marwan Saliba, and Kariman Ghazal

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Clinical Research | Open Access | Pages: 131-133

Psychological Impact and Sexual Behavior in Patients with Genital and Anal Condylomatosis

M Trigui, H Smaoui, A. Chaabouni, A Samet, L Chtourou, M Fourati, I Mejdoub, W Smaoui, O Kammoun, MA Mseddi, J Mziou, N Rebai, H Turki, N Tahri, and M Hadj slimen

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Clinical Image | Open Access | Pages: 128-130

Incidental Mucinous Cystadenoma with Stromal Luteinization Associated with Pregnancy

Harty Ashby, William Kendall, Grayson Jones, Tiffany Thompson, Lina Abdallah, and Fadi Al Akhrass

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