International Journal of Clinical & Medical Informatics (ISSN: 2582-2268)

Volume 4, Issue 2

Case Blog | Open Access | Pages: 81-81

SynergyFinder Plus: For Better Explanation and Annotation of Drug Combination Screening Datasets

Vishal Tripathi and Nisha Dhama

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Case Blog | Open Access | Pages: 79-80

Public Health Emergency: COVID-19 Variants

Nisha Dhama and Vishal Tripathi

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Case Blog | Open Access | Pages: 77-78

Phage Therapy: A Magic Pill in the Fight against Different COVID-19 Variants

Anza Abbas and Yasir Hameed

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Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 61-76

The Impact of BMI, Body Fat, Hydration Level and Stress on Fatigue State of Indian Females - A Study Based on Futrex NIR Technology

Jithin Prasad, Manoj Menon, Kalaiyarasi S, Anish Benny, Jestin Jose and Manikandan SP

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