Journal of Medicine & Biology

Current Issue

Volume 1, Issue 1

Opinion | Open Access | Pages: 01-02

Professional Development - Negligence in Care

Naurin Abdul Karim


Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 03-10

Enhancement of Bioactive Compounds in Lime Fruit Juice and its Dietary Effect on Growth Performance and Digestive Physiology of Chickens

Eugenes K Ndelekwute, Glory G Enyenihi, Kufre O Ekpo and Esther D Assam


Review Article | Open Access | Pages: 11-26

Overview of the Venomous Snakes in West Africa, Clinical Manifestation, Diagnosis and Treatment

Ameh MP, Mamman M, Yusuf PO, Magaji MG, Ada G, Akefe IO, Ugwoke PE


Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 27-32

Preparation and Evaluation of Aspirin Loaded Microspheres by Solvent Evaporation Technique

E Veena Rani and A Krishna Sailaja