Cancer Medicine Journal

Current Issue

Volume 2, Issue 1

Short Communication | Open Access | Pages: 01-05

New Data on the Relationship of the Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer

Ermoshkin Vladimir Ivanovich


Review Article | Open Access | Pages: 06-13

Recent Advances in the Development of Bio-Reducible Polymers for Efficient Cancer Gene Delivery Systems

Yong Kiel Sung and Sung Wan Kim


Case Study | Open Access | Pages: 14-19

A Phase-2 Study on the Kinetics of the Improvement in Lymphocyte-to-Monocyte Ratio by High-Dose Pineal Hormone Melatonin in Lymphocytopenic Untreatable Metastatic Cancer Patients

Paolo Lissoni, Giorgio Porro, VezikaCenaj, Tiziana Aymerich, Arianna Lissoni and Giuseppe Di Fede


Case Study | Open Access | Pages: 20-25

Clinically, Radiologically and Biochemically Metastatic Cancer Prostate: Could be Treated without Biopsy? A Clinical Case Study and Review of Literature

Bader A Abdelmaksoud, Fayez G Alruwaily, Zaki Alalem and Ahmad A Dafaallah