Cancer Medicine Journal

Current Issue

Volume 2, Issue 2

Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 54-62

Appraisal of Beneficial Effects of Oral Supplementation with Folic Acid during Curative Chemo-Radiation for Head and Neck Cancer: An Observational Study

Suresh Rao, Sanath Hegde, Pratima Rao, Prajna D’silva, Rhea Katherin D’souza, Manoj Ponadka Rai and Manjeshwar Shrinath Baliga


Mini Review | Open Access | Pages: 45-54

Tubulin Role in Cancer Development and Treatment

Vsevolod Dolhyi, Dmytro Avierin and Mohammad Hojouj


Mini Review | Open Access | Pages: 41-44

Stem Cells: A Gold Mine in Dental Research and Tissue Engineering

Rahat Hashmi and Fahim Ahmad


Short Communication | Open Access | Pages: 36-40

Lung Cancer Treatment: Incidence and Survival: SEER Database

Ayman Rasmy, Amal Ameen and Amira AbdMonem


Research Article | Open Access | Pages: 26-35

Emergency Department Visits made by Patients with Cancer; Analysis of Data from a Single Community Cancer Center

Barry Meisenberg, Jane Rhule RN, Jessica Tan, Laura Arvin and Susanne Tameris